The Importance of Editing

Since I started my blog about two and a half months ago, I have been reading other bloggers’ posts more often than ever. One thing that always jumps out at me, almost immediately, is the lack of editing the writer has done.  More likely than not, if the first and second paragraph contain an average… More The Importance of Editing


Life with PMDD is no life at all. Part I

PMDD, What is it? PMDD is the acronym for the condition Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, it occurs in about 5% of the female population, while PMS, according to the Department Health, occurs in about 85% of the female.   PMDD can affect women of all post pubescent ages. For… More Life with PMDD is no life at all. Part I

Why I Left Queens, NY

I loved my apartment in Queens.  My ex-husband and I purchased it in February of 1999 at the bargain cost of $85,000.00. It was a two-bedroom, one-bath condo facing a gorgeous lush green park.  It had huge windows throughout and 10 foot ceilings with a very “lofty” feel.  The bathroom and kitchen were brand new and… More Why I Left Queens, NY