Women over 35 on Instagram

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45 Years Old

Women over 35 on Instagram

I recently started using Instagram and You Tube and noticed what I feel is a huge problem right away. Skin care and makeup companies are targeting aging (not just women but men as well), they are doing an amazing job on social media to market their aging products toward younger women, not us over the age of 35. If you don’t believe me, start following makeup companies on Instagram. Or, watch beauty tutorials on You Tube and you will have a very sad, and rude awakening.

If you take a look at their posts on Instagram, you will notice very quickly that the pictures of women showing off their beautifully done makeup are mostly, if not always women under the age of 35. I will even venture to say that most are women under the age of 25.


Vanessa 40 Years Old

Judged by other women

As we get older, and we start wearing more makeup, other women judge us and say “she’s trying so hard to look younger than she is.” So what’s the answer? Do we give up and say “I’m just going to embrace my dark (dark/darker eye circles), my fine lines, my hormonal skin and my graying hair? Or, do we say, NO to getting older, and fight it every step of the way; whether it is with skin care, make-up, fillers, nips and tucks etc.

I for one, don’t like the fact that I’m getting older. I don’t mind the age. But I do mind the sagging skin, the dark circles, the hollow eyes and those fine lines under my eyes that just don’t want to disappear no matter how many eye creams I try.

Am I saying every woman should fight it? No; by no means. If you’re comfortable with it, embrace it. But if you’re not, then there are a plethora of things you can do or use to halt the process.
Nothing will reverse the clock completely, that’s just fact. But with all of the hard work and hard dollars that skin care companies are putting into their anti-aging products and campaigns, why should we take it sitting down?

I want to stay relevant. I want to hold on to the little bit of beauty I was able to inherit from my mother. And why shouldn’t I? Because beauty is not important?  Right, that’s what this multi-billion dollar beauty industry is marketing, non-beauty.

No, that is not what they are marketing. What they ARE marketing is youth. Case in point, Instagram. I will only focus on Instagram and You Tube for this “rant” because these are the only two social media mediums I actively I follow.

Lina 42 Years Old

The real implications

This is a HUGE issue. By doing this, these companies are saying that only younger women can wear these looks and therefore their makeup. Are they right? Maybe.  Can I still wear a bomb wing at my age? Maybe. Will I? Not likely. Can I wear a blinding highlighter on my cheeks and bridge of my nose? Probably. Will that get me some strange looks at work and on the street? Absolutely.

So we have a question to ask. Are these makeup companies saying we can’t wear their makeup; or can we wear it but they’re not geared towards us? Either way you choose to see it, it most certainly doesn’t elicit a positive response.

Why can’t they show us what we, women over 35 can do with their makeup? Why is it only younger women who get to benefit from the beauty of a rose gold highlight? Why can’t they show us how to do a more moderate age-appropriate look with their makeup?

Skin care companies are no better. They advertise their aging products on Instagram, but the women they feature are no older than 25 years old.  Sure, they look amazing, they’re under 25.  I would love to see them feature a woman in her late 30s so I can try to imagine that their products would actually work on me.  But sadly, I don’t see that.

43 Years Old

Is You Tube any different than Instagram?

The same goes for You Tube. I challenge anyone to find a well-known “beauty guru” over the age of 35 with viewers in the millions. Not possible. The only one that comes close is 34 year old Tati Westbrook, https://www.youtube.com/user/GlamLifeGuru

The challenge therefore, is for makeup companies to show us how to use their products in ways that compliment us. Not by making products that only 20-somethings can wear. Because after all, a 20-something year old woman can wear nothing on her face and probably still manage to look pretty good. This isn’t the case for many of of us over 35.  If you do look beautiful without any makeup and you’re over 35, I salute you.

I’ve written this post with the hope of bringing attention to what I believe is an issue. I don’t except anyone to stop following makeup and skin care companies on Instagram, or to stop watching beauty tutorials on You Tube, because won’t stop either.

What I do hope, is that you don’t get discouraged from using makeup up because you only see young women on these featured posts. I also hope that when you purchase skin care products you pay close attention to the women being featured and make informed decisions before you purchase, without having unrealistic expectations.

Jen 40 Years Old

What do I gain from this post?

I hope that by writing this post, companies will start featuring women over 35 on their posts and give us validation.  We too, are beautiful, and stylish and relevant. We should make it a point to tag these companies on our beauty posts on Instagram, thus making them aware that we are also consumers and contribute to their bottom lines.

Other than writing this post to create awareness, I have also created my own little campaign on Instagram and have recruited a few friends to send me pictures of themselves wearing beautiful looks; some natural and some a little more glam, but all very age appropriate.

I have tagged the makeup and skin care companies that they have used to let them know how beautiful women over 35 are.  I will continue to do this, posting a picture every couple of weeks for as long as it takes to get recognition, with the goal of having them start featuring women our age on their posts.

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Women over 35 on Instagram
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Women over 35 on Instagram
Women over 35 a rarely, if ever featured on makeup and skin care companies' Instagram feeds.
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  1. Great article! 45 and feeling fantabulous… hopefully these makeup and skincare companies will start featuring women over 35 on their posts and start giving us validation. If you are a woman over 35 consider whether you need more hydration in your skin, or a less powdered finish, for example. DON’T Keep wearing the make-up looks you did two decades ago. Embrace a more sophisticated style that complements your skin and suits the woman you are now.

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