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The loss of you, a hole in my heart left.
An abyss, for it is big, dark, endless.
Tears have not ceased, guilt and regret will remain.

I should have visited you more, called you more,
picked up the phone when you called more,
told you I loved you more.

How much I loved you, I don’t know if you knew.
I hope I was a good daughter, I know you were a great father.

Proud, hard-working, honest, loving; all these things you were
and all these things from you I learned.

To those that didn’t know you, a stern man you seemed
Quiet, reserved, caring and kind to those you knew.

Baseball, softball, minor league, little league, boxing,
nature shows and the news were the things you enjoyed

Family always came first.

Buelo to my kids, Papi to me and him
Sundays will never be the same.

I meant to call you that very night
“too busy I’ll call tomorrow”
but I never got the chance.

Thursday night you fell
Friday afternoon we had to let you go
Sunday afternoon we all met to see you one last time

Monday morning the fire took you

4 days and you were gone

I didn’t get to say goodbye

90 years you were on earth
4 months now since you passed
45 years I knew you
All my life I’ll miss you