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Why Did We Need a Math Tutor?

If you’re looking for a Math tutoring program to keep your child engaged during the Summer or to give him/her a chance to stay ahead, please consider Thinkster Math.
Thinkster Math is an iPad based K-8 Math tutoring program.  I found out about this program when I was looking for a Math tutor for my son in 2016,  after we moved to New Jersey.

Moving to New Jersey, meant that I had to enroll the kids in a new school with only 3 months left to the end of the school year.
Although my son acclimated to his new social environment almost immediately, the same did not hold true for his academics, especially Math.  There would obviously, be an adjustment period.

Being new in the town/state (we moved from Queens, NY) and not knowing anyone, I did not know where to turn.  So, I did what I do best, I took to the internet.  I needed a program that was convenient for me to get to because I have no one to help me with  the pick-ups and drop-offs.

Programs Available

I researched a couple of tutoring programs in the town; one of them was Kumon and the other was a local program.  Both had gotten good reviews online so I had to base my decision on the curriculum and on pricing.

While Kumon was affordable, I did not like the curriculum and the style of tutoring.  It is worksheet based like Thinkster, but it seemed more like a military academy rather than a tutoring program. I knew that my son would not respond well to it.  The local program was more lax, and the woman who runs it was very nice but the program was way too expensive for me. It was back to square one.

I did not give up on the search and continued to look online when I bumped into a review about Kumon that I had not seen before.  The reviewer spoke negatively of Kumon for the same reasons I didn’t like it.  However, she praised this new iPad based program which at the time was called Tabtor Math.

I didn’t know anything about it, but was open to the idea.  The thought of it being iPad based really appealed to me, since my son, like any other 11-year-old, loves the iPad.
I figured this would be something that could keep him engaged.  I looked into it further and found out that all of the work is done by the student on the iPad and reviewed by the tutor on the iPad as well.

The Thinkster Details

The price was right at $99.00 a month. The most convenient thing about it was that my son could do the work at home and I could see his work and monitor his progress.  I also loved the fact that we could make our own schedule and not have to fit into anyone else’s.

I can’t remember if I called the number or if I signed up online, but I received a call very promptly by whom they refer to as the “coordinator.”  This person asks questions about your child’s Math needs to assess at which level they should begin the tutoring.

They are very thorough with their questioning and I liked the fact they take into account how your child responds to different types of instruction and how they are doing socially in school.

After the questions, they have your child take an assessment test which lasts about a half hour.  This is done to get a better understanding of where they stand academically.  After the test, the coordinator then pairs the child up with a tutor based on the responses to the questions and the results of the assessment test.

The tutor then calls and asks very similar questions to those of the coordinator and sets up a weekly day and time for the calls that is convenient for both.

Did We Like Thinkster Math?

We absolutely loved the tutor we were paired with.  She happens to be a teacher in the same county as us, so she is familiar with the curriculum.

My son enjoyed the program right away. They make it very colorful and interesting and have a ton of resources to help the child learn the material.  The tutor assigned reviews all of the work on the iPad and gives feedback on the iPad as well.

Once a week, she calls to go over any areas in which the child is struggling but could not get through with the tools provided. The call normally lasts 15-20 minutes depending on how much help the child needs.

I liked the program so much. that I did not just have him do it that Summer.  I kept him in it through  the following school year and I even enrolled my daughter in it so that she can stay ahead as well.

They are doing it this Summer as well, and honestly, I don’t think that I will be removing them from the program any time soon.  It is convenient, engaging, and priced right.

Thinkster Math Benefits

They even reward the kids with gift cards anywhere from $1.00 to $7.00  depending on how well they do.  The kids love their rewards and I like the fact that the amounts are small so that they don’t get spoiled.

Let’s face it, for most of us Math isn’t fun. I am glad that a program like this exists, where a child can do the work at home without pressure, and which keeps the child interested and engaged.

It offers the opportunity for the child to work at his/her own pace, and best of all, we can take the iPad anywhere with us and they can do the work remotely.  They now offer an app for the parents to keep track of the child’s progress.

Link to Program

If you’re interested in this program for your child, please click HERE for a full list of details, including the different programs available along with pricing and help your child stay engaged this Summer and ahead for the next school year.

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